Water Sanitation Hygiene (WASH)

Haryana presents a very pathetic picture on the front of water, sanitation and hygiene. Oral – faecal diseases including diarrheal and intestinal infections like hookworm and round worms still exist in the state even though the statistical claims attempt to present a rosy picture.

Yes! Haryana is ranked in the top bracket as in per capita income terms but no one will deny the fact that there are residents in Haryana who lack basic amenities like toilet and bathroom facilities. And to make it worse, one fourth of the households in the state are without any connectivity to waste water drainage.

WASH is our step towards removing water, sanitation and the hygiene plight existing in Haryana. It is that method of governance that would reach the nook and corner of every village in the state to provide clean water, a sanitized, hygienic environment for healthy living and creating conditions for a Healthy Haryana. We put forward to WASH away these issues by our WASH program.

Dignity, security, safety for women (DISHA)

Haryana is a land where the Vedic civilization began and flourished. It was here the Vedic mantras were scrawled down and chanted by the saints. It was here where Lord Krishna gave the sermon of the Bhagavad Gita.

Sadly Haryana is a state which witnesses over 60 rapes cases in a month and justice is either denied or comes to the victims at a very late stage. The state’s sex ratio is 876 females per 1000 males. A state, a nation can never prosper if women are not secure and safe. Captain Abhimanyu promises secure surroundings to the women.

The land where goddesses are worshipped, Haryana, will not allow any harm to the women. Project DISHA will make sure that every woman in the state gets her personal share of respect, dignity, security and safety.

Respect Care and Affection for Elderly (CARE)

For many elderly people in Haryana the last phase of their lives is not a time to relax and enjoy retirement, but rather a difficult and unhappy period, owing to financial worries, failing health and loneliness.

In Haryana, 7.5 per cent of elderly covers the total population of the state, as per the Central Statistics Office of Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India, 2011. As a result, the elderly make up an ever-increasing percentage of society, which makes it more important than ever for a real effort to be made in improving the lives of senior citizens.

CARE is our project where the state government will make sure that the amount of state pension is sufficient to cover the basic amenities like food, clothes and shelter of the elderly. A state level policy framework would be put in place ensuring shelter for the elderly. A responsible step would be taken to cover the medical and health care provisions of the failing health of the elderly.

Water, Irrigation, Seed, Support and Food Storage for Farmers (WISE)

Haryana, the food bowl of the country, is no longer giving its maximum production. Acquisition of farmer’s land at low prices and charging heavy dues on power connection is one of the reasons. Putting the valuable fertile agricultural land to industrial and residential use is no model of development for the state. Bad policies by the government have made the lives more miserable for the farmers. Farmers’ issues have always been high on debates and discussions, but no concrete solutions have been provided to solve the problems.

The problems in farming, the problems of drought, insects, pest, seeds, irrigation and food storage all have to be solved with a proper and effective policy framework. And to accomplish this we bring you our project WISE.

This project would promote the scientific methods of food storage. WISE will introduce new crop protection plans, make improved seeds available to farms and device an agricultural system aimed at the betterment of the farmers.

Good education, employment for youth (GOODEY)

Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Education is the key to wipe out the problems of a society. When a single child is educated, the society is enlightened.

All the above problems would come to an end only if a good education and employment schemes are implemented. GOODEY is our scheme and an initiative technique to boost quality education in Haryana and generate employment in the state. The problem of unemployment has to be eradicated since Haryana now has to develop.