About Captain Abhimanyu

Captain Abhimanyu has a multi-faceted personality having varied interests and passions.  In the political arena, he is presently handling the important portfolio of Finance in the Government of Haryana as Finance Minister. It takes a big heart and a selfless mind to serve the society. Despite hailing from business family, he chose to serve the Nation by joining politics. He believes in politics being – Positive, Progressive and Pragmatic.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections he has once again proved his mettle by masterminding the clean sweep of 14 seats in the Jat dominated belt of Western Uttar Pradesh .A further 5 seats also fell into BJP’s bag due to his successful campaign. Thus, handpicked by Shri Narendra Modi for the campaign he has helped bag19 Lok Sabha Seats for The Bharatiya Janata Party.

Throughout his two decades in politics, he has permanently etched his place in the hearts of people through his hard work. His simple ways, his humbleness, his straight forward nature, his quick comprehension of problems and then their immediate rectification shows his selfless commitment towards society.

His Family Roots: Captain Abhimanyu was born in 1967 in Village Khanda Kheri of Hissar District in Haryana to late Shri Mitra Sen Aryan and Smt Parmeshwari Devi. Shri Mitra Sen  was a philanthropist, businessman and was deeply connected to the society . Captain Abhimanyu has followed in his footsteps and carried forward the proud legacy of philanthropy and imparting education, helping build a stronger Nation. He is a staunch follower of Vedic way of life. He is happily married to Dr. Ekta and has a daughter and two sons.

His Education:He holds a ‘Bachelors of Commerce’ degree from Maharishi Dayanand University College, Rohtak (1986) and is a qualified law graduate from MDU, Rohtak (2006). He went on to do his Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communications from Guru Jambheswar University, Hissar (2007) and is an alumni of Harvard Business School- Harvard University, USA. Captain Abhimanyu also qualified in the coveted Civil Services Examination in his maiden attempt in 1994

His Military Service: During his 6 eventful years in The Indian Army as an officer from 1987-1993, he further honed his qualities of self-discipline, dedication, commitment and loyalty to the nation. He joined the Army and qualified as Second Lieutenant to serve in the 7 Mechanised Infantry Regiment (1 Dogra) as a Commissioned officer. A string of courses done in the Military Service have helped make him a stronger person. During his stint in the army (1987-93), he did the Young Officers Course (Infantry), Mechanised Infantry Course, Guns and Missile Course and The Elite Commando Course. In 1989, he was adorned with the Special Services Medal (Desert).

His Political journey: In life, if there is no struggle, there is no progress. This is true for politics also.

In 1997, when Captain Abhimanyu  volunteered  to mobilise crowds for BJP Senior leader  Shri L.K. Advani’s Swarna Jayanti Rath Yatra, his innovative efforts caught the eyes of senior BJP leaders like Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, Shri Rajnath Singh, Shri Narendra Modi , Shri Venkaiah Naidu, Smt Sushma Swaraj, Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Dr Raman Singh and Shri Murli Manohar Joshi. Ever since taking this first step, Captain Abhimanyu has never looked back.

  • In 1998 his efforts were immensely praised when he was tasked to be Election Agent and Coordinator of the election campaign of Swami Indervesh, BJP Candidate from Rohtak Parliament Constituency.
  • The year 1999 gave him an opportunity to manage the entire election campaign of Dr Sahib Singh Verma, former Chief Minister of Delhi , as his Election Agent and Coordinator. Here the extraordinary organizing skills of Capt. Abhimanyu helped him contact nearly 35 lakh voters of Outer Delhi Constituency, easily the biggest constituency of Lok Sabha.
  • In no time, he was being sought for different responsibilities by the BJP. In 2003, he served as the member of Election Management team for Vidhan Sabha Elections in Chattishgarh.
  • Having first hand experience of handling the media, Capt. Abhimanyu was in charge of media management of Uttarakhand Vidhan Sabha Elections in 2007. In the same year he displayed great enthusiasm  in handling the Election Management Team of Uttarpradesh in the Vidhan Sabha Elections.
  • To forge ahead in Politics, one needs to be a good orator. Capt. Abhimanyu’s fine oratory skills came handy in managing the elections campaigns in Rajasthan and Delhi, U.P., Punjab Vidhan Sabha elections.
  • Politics requires different thinking. This thinking is the quality of knowing what needs to be done, when and how. Capt. Abhimanyu displayed this amply when he spearheaded the victory of SAD-BJP alliance in 2012 by beating the anti incumbency mood in the the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Elections.
  • In 2004, Capt. Abhimanyu challenged Shri Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Chief Minister of Haryana, by standing against him in the Rohtak Parliamentary Constituency. He did not win the election but he won the hearts of the masses. He polled 1,73,800 votes and stood second . This created a major political ripple in the politics of State of Haryana.
  • Politics is all about popularity and popularity does not come overnight. You have to win the minds and hearts of the masses over a period of time. Capt. Abhimanyu by the virtue of his pleasant demeanor, charm and charisma has come to rule over the hearts of the people. The greatness of a person lies not in what he has, but in the ability to affect people positively. Such a person is a light that sparks all kind of inspiration and achieves mass acceptance. Only due to such qualities was Capt. Abhimanyu has appointed the General Secretary of Haryana BJP in 2005.

Flying high on the wings of hope, confidence, perseverance and at the same time immersed in humility, he in no time became the cynosure of all the bigwigs in BJP. His immense knowledge of national issues also paved his way to assume greater responsibility.The then party president of the BJP, Shri Nitin Gadkari put a bigger responsibility on his shoulders, that of National Secretary of the BJP in 2010.

When you persevere to achieving your goals in life with a dogged mindset, you become simply unstoppable. These more than 2 decades in a political role have seen Capt. Abhimanyu conceptualize and steer many campaigns born out of his innovative mind and untiring spirits. Between 2007-09, he has successfully captained the Deenbandhu Prerna Rally, Jal Adhikar Rally, Bijli Khoj Rally,Vijay Sankalp Yatra, Save Democracy Rally, Ram Sethu Movement, Jhajjar Vijay Sankalp Rally and many more.

He had also made a favourable and indelible impression in the mind of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, one of the most dynamic and adored Prime Ministers of India by organizing two massive rallies at Jhajjar and Rohtak between 2004 and 2005.

His other Interests:  A large population from  Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Punjab get the first glimpse of the world every day ,through the columns of a Hindi morning daily – ‘Haribhoomi’ which is the brainchild of Capt. Abhimanyu who is also its Founder and Editor-in-Chief. In 2002, he was also conferred with The Babu Bal Mukund Gupt Award  for Journalism by Haryana’s Sahitya Academy. Since childhood he was a diligent student and  firmly believed that only education can remove ignorance and solve the core problems of our society. He has promoted the ‘Indus Group of Institutions’ and is also actively involved with the management of ‘Delhi Public School’ group of educational institutes.

Gurukuls may sound belonging to yester years, but the quality and depth of education in such educational institutes is unmatchable. Capt. Abhimanyu has been involved in the management of Gurukuls in various regions of Orissa, Uttarakhand, Haryana and Chhattishgarh. This has been done with the support of his family supported organisations- Param Mitra Manav Nirman Sansthan and Sindhu Education Foundation.

Women empowerment is the modern day buzz word and Capt. Abhimanyu, through his family organizations, vehemently supports this cause by promoting education of girls and providing scholarships, free books and uniforms to children from the economically weaker sections of the society.

His family business houses different business interests like leasing, finance,share broking, portfolio management,transport, real estate,power generation,mining, hospitality and media. His business acumen has helped his family run all of them very profitably and professionally.

Capt. Abhimanyu is very popular with farmers. His humility and warmth makes him connect with the rural class very easily. One can say his politics ranges from the informal Chaupal to the sophistication of the Modern Twitter. He always motivates the rural class to work hard on the fields so that they can contribute to the agrarian economy which has the powers, as he believes, to free the farmers from all their woes. This will also slow down the exodus of young people who are heading for urban areas for livelihoods.

He strongly believes in modernisation of farming methods like drip irrigation, water harvesting and use of hybrid seeds which he produces in his own farms. The culture of ‘Per Drop, More Crop’ which was conceived by Shri Narendra Modi is also being practiced and promoted by him in his own farm lands.

On the sports front, he has been a thorough sports enthusiast and loves horse riding, biking and has played cricket, basketball and hockey at University level as well at the National level. He promotes health and sports at various forums. He is the President of Haryana Archery Association and Associate Vice President of Archery Association of India.

In his leisure time, he has a passion for reading. Ernest Hemingway’s – ‘Old Man and the Sea’ and George Orwell’s Animal farm are his favourite books. As a staunch believer in God, he religiously delves into the sacred readings of the Gita from which he draws inspiration to tread ahead in life.

Capt. Abhimanyu’s remarkable simplicity, high thinking, flawless integrity, relentless hard-work and touching modesty keeps him strongly connected with the masses irrespective of their caste, creed and colour . He dreams and pursues to free politics of negativity and works for the materialization of his extraordinary political imagination.

Where ever he goes he makes strong connections with ‘Positive Politics’ and motivates everybody to be involved in ‘Pragmatic Politics’ and at the same time he appeals to keep ‘Politics Progressive’ so that the poorest of the poor can be benefited.