Captain Abhimanyu’s only aim and objective is to see a developed Haryana, not only economically but socially, culturally and politically. Our Haryana will be perfectly developed when all the problems are resolved and social equality is achieved.

Captain Abhimanyu has three principles when it comes to good governance:

  • Positive

  • Progressive

  • Pragmatic

Positive: We are optimistic and because of it we stay positive. We stay positive because no government can govern without a firm direction. Our positive direction leads us to trashing away all the social puzzles that are preventing Haryana indirectly to achieve its destined place on the map of the country.

We are positive in bringing Haryana to that level where no one would question the government on its work. We are positive to deliver on the promises we make. When we say we guarantee a better health, infrastructure, sufficient equipments and seeds to farmers, quality foods, hygiene, pure water, better life to the elderly; we mean it; we stand by it and we are here to implement it. We are not here to grab your votes. We are here to value them.

Progressive: Progress never happens at a stretch. It requires time because it happens in stages and gradually it blooms. Now it is the time for Haryana to progress and develop itself and to present itself as a brand new sparkling state. As already said, Haryana still faces many challenges, but we are hopeful of gradually improving and progressing.

We will bring progress by collaborating with the service agents like hospitals, NGOs, schools, colleges. It is not in our fashion to boast for winning the competitive elections. You are, were and shall be our prime motive for Haryana’s progress. Remember us by our words and judge us on our delivery.

Pragmatic: All the above could be done only when we act and take steps sensibly. Malnutrition, health, sanitation and more are not just our areas of focus. We promise you to improve upon every possible area of concern like total immunisation of children, checking infant mortality rate, prevalence of anaemia and so on. We will improve enrolment ratio and bring down the drop-out rate among school going children.

We shall evaluate how well the state was doing in the previous party’s rule in all the sectors possible and we give you a chance to do the same when we come as a wining team. You are the one to judge us on what we would do on health, education, infrastructure, female security and more. Haryana is our land; we have to make it better. We need your support and blessings to give you good governance. And it is our promise that we’ll make Haryana flourish.