Government is a mix of different political parties. If the BJP is given the chance and has the final say to run Haryana, I will work in such a way that my decision to make Haryana better would influence my party members to give their best and to make your life and living better.

Haryana is unique in many respects with its diverse culture. Here we have citizens who enjoy good fortune, literacy and good infrastructure and there are some who want all these in different degrees.

I hear you all asserting your voices, to change Haryana, to see a developed Haryana, to see Haryana free from unemployment, poverty, sanitation and hygiene issue, female insecurity and rapes. I hear you all and I assure you that if given a chance, my government will change the face of Haryana.

My way of governance will create an environment in which sustained economic growth becomes achievable. After all it is your demand to see Haryana florish. I would reach out to all the challenges on ending poverty. I shall never let anyone starve to death. Malnutrition in children still exists on our society. I will take care of them as my own children.

Securing women would be my first priority. Generating employment and efficient delivery of services shall be done with a proper method where no house in Haryana is left without an earner. The elderly would be taken care of. My farmer brothers shall get their rights. A developed Haryana is on the way.

My party will take appropriate action, consistent with law and policy, to identify the problems quickly and eradicate them within a short span of time. It is my commitment and concern to bring the required change rapidly in the lives of the people of the state and my party and colleagues are with me. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set the ball of good governance rolling by taking the reins in New Delhi. It is now the turn of Haryana to shine and rise.”

- Captain Abhimanyu