Capt Abhimanyu has left an enduring signature on people’s heart through his hard work in Haryana. Now Haryana needs a leader who is capable, honest and can make dreams a reality. The state needs a leader to govern in such a way where a constant stability works in the government. With Capt Abhimanyu as the leader, a plan for better future of Haryana would be made.

Captain Abhimanyu’s strong will to change Haryana is not an act of grabbing votes . He dreams of a free Haryana, a safe Haryana, and an economically developed Haryana. Good governance is what Haryana requires. This land can never forget what it has missed while development was taking place in the other parts of India. Now the time has arrived when Haryana itself would be witnessing change.

The pressing issues like malnutrition, sanitation, rapes, unemployment, poverty, female foeticide, gender discrimination have made Haryana backwaters of civilisation. Would you still like to live in the same filthy environment? Don’t you wish to bring the fresh air of change? The air that would change has changed Haryana to a modern state!

The present state of governance in Haryana is in a terrible shape. It is a fact that the state suffers from numerous problems. But sincere leadership with proper vision and skills can do wonders. It is never too late to act. What is needed is a progressive vision and the will to implement it.

Come, Create, Conquer – It’s your Haryana